About Us
We are one family and share respect and love with each other.
We trust in God and want to share our love with you.
The history of our family started many years ago and we have trustful relations and a great mission now.
Read about the trials and tribulations of the road from prohibition and the roadblocks that still exist in todays social and economic climate.
Come see where we are.
Feel free to drop us a line.
Love has no bounds! 
Bring the Building to Code Fund

We are so very desperate for your help to get our building up to code. As you well know, we…

Overall progress
0.01% Complete
$ 20
$ 150,000
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Pain and suffering in the world?
Check out what the Cannaterians have to offer!

Give us a jingle.  Chances are, we'll jingle back.  We invite Loving and Healing conversation.

Sanctuary Address:
3400 South Rural St.
Indianapolis, IN  46237

(317) 986-6972